OpenBirds is a massive multiplayer war simulation situated in second world war.
The purpose of OpenBirds is to be a free (as in beer and speech)
open source simulation comparable to commercial alternatives such
as WW2 Online and Aces High.


29.07.2008 Is the project dead?
Judging from last change's date, it is. Also, i'd do many things now differently than we currently do in OB. So.. until further notice, we are dead. If you would like to continue the project or start a new one like it, let me know. I MAY some day start writing a new version of OpenBirds.. Stay tuned.
19.07.2006: OpenBirds 0.6 released for Linux and Windows platforms! download it, read the release notes, read the instructions and go play!
28.06.2006: Smoke trails, memory leak and other bug fixes, 2d cockpit graphics, nice offline game where you fly against yourself, preliminary RPM packaging, etc etc.. Hopefully i'll release 0.6 soon.
05.04.2006: Added better dualhead scaling, good looking explosions, config files and other fixes. Added a compiling page for developers. Maybe it would be time for new release some day..
08.01.2006: OpenBirds 0.5 released. Get it from Sourceforge files. There are currently only Ubuntu .deb packages available. This version allows you to fly a aircraft offline and on a simple multiplayer server.

If you are..

A casual gamer who just wants to try OB

You may try OB if you want. The game is still in heavy development and lacks lot of features. Join the mailing list if you're intrested.

Someone more experienced who can compile & run software

Try to run OpenBirds on your computer. Join the mailing list and let us know how it works.

A developer

Contribute if you can.


Project discussion is on IRC channel #openbirds. Make sure you're on a server that is in main IRC network (IRCNet). Logo Ville 'cosmo' Ranki (